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Ten random things: April 29

Ten personal items decorating my cubicle at work:

  1. Calender featuring photos taken by my friend Sharon D.
  2. Uncle Scrooge insulated mug
  3. Drawing by my nephew of a large shark chasing a small fish, who is saying "Don't eat meiieeeeeiiieeeeeei!!!
  4. "Beware of Female Spies" magnet from the National Spy Museum
  5. Boxing skull monster pen (from boliver)
  6. Blue Mexican bobblehead armadillo figurine
  7. Birthday card from my supervisor
  8. PVC figurine of Donald Duck wearing a top hat and tails
  9. Railroad spike with my TWoP screen name painted on it (from ghoulchick)
  10. Lilo and Stich marble magnet (from rustydog
  11. )

I feel I should mention that my dearly departed friend allthatjazmyne loaned me the cash necessary to buy the blue armadillo when we were in Las Vegas together. I'm not sure I ever paid her back, come to think of it. Oops.


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