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Ten random things: May 10

Ten members of the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame:

  1. Dee Jay & the Runaways
  2. John Brown and Mid Continent Productions
  3. IGL Recording Studios
  4. Dick Vance
  5. Sandy Shore
  6. New Colony Six
  7. The Inwood Ballroom
  8. The Dentairs
  9. The Red Dogs
  10. The Scavengers

Did you know there was a Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame? Probably you did not! And unless you are a native Iowan of a certain age, the odds are that you also do not know any of the inductees. There are a handful of big names, like the Everly Brothers (who lived in Iowa as kids), Buddy Holly (who died there), and Brenda Lee, who judging from her bio on the site has no connection to Iowa other than having performed there. But most of the inductees are artists from the days before Clear Channel and their ilk homogenized the American musical landscape, when it was possible to make a name for yourself playing the dance halls in your corner of the state and having your records played on the local radio station. Which is cool. It's nice that someone is working to preserve the memories of those days.

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