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Ten random things: May 24

Ten locations in Madison* I have ridden my bike to, and the distance traveled to get there:
  1. Monona Public Library (2.8 miles)
  2. Warner Park (4.2 miles)
  3. Westfield Comics (2.3 miles)
  4. Starbucks - Capitol Square (3.9 miles)
  5. Monroe Street Branch Library (6 miles)
  6. Elver Park (1.7 miles)
  7. Sentry Foods (1.8 miles)
  8. West Transfer Point (1.5 miles)
  9. Acewood Park (2.3 miles)
  10. Sequoya Branch Library (2.2 miles)

Looking at this list, you might think I spend most of my time going to libraries and parks! What can I say, ever since i was a kid I've likes going to libraries and parks.

The libraries listed 5th and 10th are the two libraries I visited most recently; I checked them off the list last Saturday. At first my plan was to take the bus down to Monroe Street and then ride from there to Sequoya, but looking at the map I realized that just a week before I had ridden all the way down to the corner of John Nolen and North Shore, and that the library was only another mile-fifty beyond that, so I figured I may as well just ride my bike the whole way. Which made perfect sense at the time, but two months ago the idea of riding six miles at a stretch would have sounded like perfect madness. Maybe my friend Pete is right and I am getting addicted to it. I don't feel addicted though... I mean, I like being out on the bike, but I see it more as a mode of transportation than a form of recreation (even though virtually all these trips were ultimately for recreational purposes).

* One of these is actually in the City of Monona. But it has a Madison ZIP code.

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