John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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Ten random things: June 1

Ten things I will do, per my music library:

  1. Follow the sun
  2. Follow you into the dark
  3. Be damned
  4. Take you there
  5. Fly away
  6. Never tell
  7. Wait a lonely lifetime (if you want me to)
  8. Anything
  9. Stand by you
  10. Not back down

You would think that after a relaxing (though not uneventful) four-day weekend, I would not be struggling to stay awake at my desk. But you would be wrong.

Incidentally, I should point out that the videos to which I linked for nos. 1 and 7 above are not the versions in my music library. (Mine are the Beatles versions; the videos are Paul McCartney solo.)


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