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Find the error - the shocking conclusion!

First of all, if you haven't looked at yesterday's post, why don't you do that now before clicking through to the rest of this post. Don't worry, I'll wait.

By my count there were four (possibly five) errors. 1) The obvious one, and the one that I expect is the "correct" answer, is that "its" should be "it's." Everyone who commented on yesterday's post got that one. 2) "Find the error, its impossible" is a comma splice. The comma should either be changed to a semi-colon or a period. Four people mentioned that one. 3) That sentence is also missing any terminal punctuation. It needs a period, or an exclamation point, or a colon. Five people noticed that. 4) That sentence implies that there is only one error, when in fact there are several, so it should be "errors," not "error." One person commented on that.

The possible fifth error is in the sentence below the string of numbers. I'm fairly certain that whoever originally typed that meant to say UCSD, not UCDS. One person mentioned that.

Thanks to angelchicken, darkpoole, edhed, my sister, silver05, mmaresca, amyjtoo, figgy_newton, rustydog, glumpish, caerwynx, powerofthebook, dionneshea, fox1013, shannon_a, raisegrate, essene, elgoose, catko, jrs1980, mrghoul, and homegoddess for commenting!

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