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Ten random things: June 8

Ten people who won elections today:

  1. Carly Fiorina (CA-SEN)
  2. Terry Branstad (IA-GOV)
  3. Sharron Angle (NV-SEN)
  4. Brian Sandoval (NV-GOV)
  5. Scott Rigell (VA-2)
  6. Vincent Sheheen (SC-GOV)
  7. Roxanne Conlin (IA-SEN)
  8. Blanche Lincoln (AR-SEN)
  9. Tom Graves (GA-9)
  10. Robert Hurt (VA-5)

So far the nuttiest candidate to win tonight is Angle, the Republican U.S. Senate nominee from Nevada, but there's still a possibility that Queen of the Crazies Orly Taitz may be the Republican nominee for California Secretary of State. Fingers crossed!

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