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My stuff

amandajane5 showed me hers, so it's only fair I show mine too.

The view from my window

This is the view from my office window. Thrilling, eh? The building on the left is another wing of the building in which I work; the one on the right is another federal building.

The monitor

Most of my toys are lined up atop my credenza, but I have a few clustered around my monitor. The spike is a souvenir from Redneck, created by the inimitable ghoulchick. The Uncle Scrooge figurine and the crocodile (whose name is Julia) were gifts from caerwynx and her daughter, respectively. The crocodile normally lives atop the monitor, but I moved it down so it could be seen more clearly.

My toys

It's not a shrine exactly, but I do enjoy having my toys on hand. From left to right: Stitch; an unnamed blue armadillo; Sister Lucy (named for a character from Gospel, a novel by Wilton Barnhardt); Athena (so named because it was bought for me in Greece); James K. Polk; Ganesh; and Lilo.

The unnamed armadillo

This is the only one of my work toys that doesn't have a name. Here's your chance to help me name it! (If you're not an LJ user but you want to vote, do so in the comments.)

Poll #127217 Name the armadillo!

What should I name this armadillo?

LV, because it came from Las Vegas
Julius, because it was purchased at the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace
Jaz, because it was purchased for me by Jazmyne, a TWoP user I met on that trip
Dasy, because armadillos belong to the family Dasypodidae

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