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Ten random things: June 17

Ten pieces performed by the Capitol City Band at their concert tonight:

  1. Hands Across the Sea (J. P. Sousa)
  2. Grasshopper Polka (arr. A. Grill)
  3. Marianna (L. Singer/arr. L. Cailliet)
  4. Wait 'til the Sun Shines, Nellie (H. von Tilzer/arr. J. Oatts)
  5. Mancini! (H. Mancini/arr. A. Reed)
  6. Themes Like Old Times I (arr. W. Barker)
  7. The Liberty Bell (J. P. Sousa)
  8. Cousins (H. L. CLarke/arr. R. E. Cramer)
  9. Hail to the Spirit of Liberty (J. P. Sousa)
  10. Salute to American Jazz (arr. S. Nestico)

When I was growing up in Wheaton, I spent almost ever Thursday night during the summer attending concerts by the Wheaton Municipal Band at Memorial Park downtown. Tonight I made something of a return to those halcyon days of yore, attending a concert by the Capitol City Band at Rennebohm Park here in Madison. Good show!

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