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Ever since I got back from Houston, I've been feeling a lot of stress. A lot of it is work related; my co-worker Rob was assigned to another project, and the powers that be have not yet sent a replacement, so everything has been falling on my shoulders. And as I mentioned last week, the weight loss has been causing me some stress too.

So today I gave myself a much-needed mental health day. Instead of getting up at 5:30 AM, I stayed in bed until 8. So nice! And then I just hung out in my apartment, doing this and that. I washed some dishes that had piled up in the sink; I cleaned and vacuumed the living room; I did a load of laundry. I put an unlabelled videotape into the VCR, and ended up watching old episodes of Buffy ("New Moon Rising") and Angel ("Sanctuary"). The tape was from the original airing of both, so in addition to the episodes I got to enjoy some vintage commercials. Remember those Gap commercials set to music from West Side Story? I loved those, and the tape a two different ones. Heaven. I even --horrors! -- did a little work. I typed up my notes from a meeting yesterday afternoon

After my laundry was done, I changed clothes and went out for a walk. The walk ended up at Healthy Inspirations for a weigh-in. Mid-afternoon turns out to be a great time to go there; I was the only person there, so I didn't have to wait to see a consultant, and I was able to spend more than a couple minutes with her. The good news is that I'm down below 270 now, but I remain short of my third milestone. Maybe by Saturday.

I feel much better now. Back to the grind tomorrow.

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