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Poet's Corner: You Have What I Look For

You Have What I Look For

You have what I look for, what I long for, what I love,
you have it.
The fist of my heart is beating, calling.
I thank the stories for you,
I thank your mother and father
and death who has not seen you.
I thank the air for you.
You are elegant as wheat,
delicate as the outline of your body.
I have never loved a slender woman
but you have made my hands fall in love,
you moored my desire,
you caught my eyes like two fish.
And for this I am at your door, waiting.

Jaime Sabines (1926–1999)
Translated by W. S. Merwin (born 1927)

Congratulations to W. S. Merwin, who was named the seventeenth United Stares Poet Laureate earlier this week. In addition to being an excellent poet in his own right (he's a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry), he is also an accomplished translator, as this poem demonstrates.

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