John Heaton (jheaton) wrote,
John Heaton

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Today's tweets:

  • 10:10 @rustypup @PSMHopkins So it's basically a tres leches cake with Jell-O instead of milk. #
  • 11:58 Spending the day with sister @jheaton amd the family. Salmon on the grill, maybe a movie. Should be fun! #
  • 14:02 Decided to go bowling instead of seeing a movie. Rolled a six on my first frame. Verily, I sucketh. #fb #
  • 14:19 Mediocre bowling ability, Guns N Roses on the radio ... feels like I'm back on the Toys R Us bowling league again. #fb #
  • 14:45 Ended first game with a 105. Better than my 7-year-old nephew, but only because he lacks arm strength and the patience to aim . #fb #
  • 15:09 91 on my 2nd line. Sister Jenni won with 98. We are not a family of bowlers (though nephew Matthew will be good with age and practice). #fb #
  • 21:13 Personally, I was more motivated to look for work while on unemployment than after it ran out. Punishing the Jobless: #
  • 23:43 Ugh, so humid. #fb #

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