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Third milestone passed

When I started my ongoing weight loss project in February, my goal was to lose one hundred pounds. I am now halfway to that goal.

It took me a little longer to get to this point than I had hoped, but it feels good to have finally reached it. I think the problem was that I set too big a gap between the second and third milestones. I may just start keeping track in ten pound increments from here on out. Or maybe I'll just stop thinking about it in those terms. That's more or less the approach I take when I'm on the bike or the elliptical: instead of obsessively watching the timer, like I used to, I read a book or a magazine and only check the display once in a while. That seems to make the time go faster.

Speaking of which, the biggest struggle I face continues to be exercising. I've pretty much internalized the dietary guidelines, and sticking to them hasn't been much of a problem. I've had the occasional slip, but on the whole I've been good. But I've not yet reached the point where exercising seems natural, or where fitting in a trip to the gym doesn't seem like an imposition.

In addition to the weight loss, I've also lost eight inches off my waist and about five off my chest. I've not yet had to buy new clothes, because I have a lot of pants and a couple of sport coats I'd grown out of but never gotten around to giving away. But I think I'll probably have to go clothes shopping before too very long, which irks me. I don't really like the idea of buying new clothes that will (I hope) not fit within a few weeks of buying them.

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