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Ten random things: July 12

Ten artists whose work I saw on display at Art Fair on the Square:

  1. James Hill (sculpture)
  2. Anthony Hansen (metalwork)
  3. Bruce Erdman (studio furniture/woodworking)
  4. Don Nibert (raku pottery)
  5. Leah Cavanah (photography)
  6. Carl Erickson (porcelain pottery)
  7. Jeff Salter (woodworking)
  8. Scott Hartley (watercolors)
  9. Mike Welton (oil paints)
  10. Sean Gillespie (woodworking)

Art Fair on the Square is an annual event organized by the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. This year, some 450 artists were invited to display and sell their works on Capitol Square downtown. In addition to the art, there's also live music, an arts-and-crafts area for the kids, and the usual assortment of festival food: shaved ice, fresh-squeezed lemonade, funnel cakes, and the like. It was not the greatest day for it; it was a little too hot and humid for my taste, especially when you take the huge crowds into account. Nevertheless, I had a good time and even treated myself to a little bit of art to take home with me:

Celtic Cross

I'm pretty thoroughly Anglo-Saxon, but I do like the look of Celtic crosses. I don't remember the name of the artist from whom I bought this, and the business card is sitting on my desk at work. I bought this from Brian Davis and Katie Hobson of Earthen Craft Pottery of Lansing, Michigan.

Armadillo plate

This was created by Elisabeth Maurland of Decorah, Iowa. It was, as far as I saw, the only armadillo-related work of art to be found at any of the booths.

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