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Ten random things: August 2

Ten men who competed on The Bachelorette and did not win:

  1. Stephen Reich (Season 5)
  2. Jason Mesnick (Season 4)
  3. Reid Rosenthal (Season 5)
  4. Matthew Hickl (Season 2)
  5. Charlie Maher (Season 1)
  6. Hunter Wagner (Season 6)
  7. Spero Stamboulis (Season 4)
  8. Jerry Ferris (Season 3)
  9. John Paul Merritt (Season 3)
  10. Tyler Morrow (Season 6)

I almost posted the name of the first runner-up for the season that just ended tonight, but thought better of it. I don't really understand why you'd want to watch the show, but I can appreciate that if you do, you'd want to find out who won on your own schedule.

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