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Ten random things: August 3

Ten courses offered by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Continuing Studies division this fall:

  1. Cultural competency in treatment and recovery (Alcohol and Other Drug Issues)
  2. Listening for a change (Interpersonal Communication)
  3. Regenerative communities (Interpersonal Communication)
  4. Masterworks of modern American drama (History)
  5. World music: soundscapes in a changing world (Music)
  6. French for reading knowledge (Languages)
  7. The conduct of public meetings (Leadership and Management)
  8. Ukulele: beginning (Music)
  9. Modern dance: beginning (Dance and Movement)
  10. Irish bodhran: continuing/intermediate (Music)

None of these more-or-less randomly selected courses sound very appealing to me. There is a history course called "People of the sun: Aztalan and the Mississippian civilization of North America" that sounds really appealing, though. I may sign up for that one. And there's a lecture series on medieval art that I think would be really interesting, but it conflicts with choir rehearsal. Alas.


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