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Ten random things: August 18

Ten educational sessions you missed by failing to attend the 2010 Manure Expo:

  1. Manure Application in No-Till
  2. Catch, Retain and Recycle Manure with Cover Crops
  3. Mortality Composting Part 2 - Lessons at the Compost Pile
  4. Manure Spill Response Demonstration
  5. Nutrient Trading, Technology and the Chesapeake Bay
  6. Expanding Opportunities for Digester Systems at US Livestock Facilities
  7. In-Field Storage of Manure
  8. Demonstration of Ventilating Manure Storages to Reduce Risk When Entering
  9. Money in the Ground, Money in Your Pocket: Calibrate Manure Spreaders to Achieve Both
  10. PaOneStop: Online Nutrient Balance Sheet Mapping Demonstration

I can't believe I wasted my time last Sunday at church and at the ballpark when I could have been in Pennsylvania Furnace, Pennsylvania, attending the 2010 Manure Expo. I can't day that I've ever given much thought to manure, but I'll bet if I'd attended the expo, I would have learned a lot of really interesting things about it.

Tags: interesting by my low standards, lists of ten things

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