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Ten random things: August 20

Ten associate members of the Wisconsin Association of Fairs:

  1. Outdoor Amusement Business Association
  2. Aerotek BMX
  3. Klaiss Stage Lighting
  4. Calkins Attractions Inc.
  5. Bleachers on the Move LLC
  6. Fair Publishing House
  7. Haas & Wilkerson Insurance
  8. Judge Kim Corbin
  9. Lafayette Tent & Awning Co.
  10. Scandinavia Corn Roast Weekend, Scandinavia Booster Club Inc.

Aerotek BMX performed a couple of shows at the ballpark this summer. Not unimpressive, but I can never help thinking that BMX riders look really foolish riding those tiny little bikes. I mean, come on, get a grown-up bike already!

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