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From today's Dear Prudence chat on

Q. Embarrassing Posture: I have an aunt who constantly sits with her legs akimbo while in mixed company. Although she always wears pants, it is so embarrassing that I frequently have to look away. She is in her 60s, overweight, not married, and has a short temper. What to do?

Legs akimbo? What, are her feet on her hips or something? I guess I can see how that would be disturbing, but ...

ETA: Later, someone clarifies:

Q. Akimbo: Arms may be held akimbo, but not legs. Legs are splayed.

OK, but to my way of thinking "splayed" is not even remotely similar to "akimbo." Also, so her legs are splayed. So what? Prudie counseled the first writer to just ignore the way her aunt sits, but I don't understand why the person who asked the question would've cared in the first place.

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