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I mentioned last week that my I would soon be visiting Taliesin, Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio in Spring Green, Wisconsin. And I did! This past weekend, my Dad and stepmom drove out to Spring Green and took the two-hour Highlights Tour of the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and FLW's home and studio. And it was amazing. I've loved Frank Lloyd Wright since I was in grade school, so it was a real treat to spend two hours getting a close look at some of his finest buildings.

Here is a picture of me standing next to part of FLW's Asian art collection, a statue of a hideous beast of some sort:

Me at Taliesin

I'm the one on the right. [ETA: And the statue is a Fu Dog. See the comments below for more details.] A few more photos can be seen at my Facebook page. You should be able to see them even if you're not a Facebook member or not one of my Facebook friends. (And if you're not, go ahead and shoot me a friend request! If I'm your friend here on LiveJournal, I'm happy to be your friend over there too!) Half of the photos were taken by my dad or with my dad's camera; I would have taken more myself, but I forgot to charge my phone the night before and used up much of what was remaining taking pictures at Madison's enormous Farmer's Market, which we visited right before heading to Spring Green.

By far the strangest part of the trip was when we were sitting in the visitors center waiting for the tour to start. I heard someone say my name; I turned around and found my old friend Pete standing there. Pete and I grew up together; I met him when I was in first grade, and we've managed to stay in touch all these years. He still lives in the Chicago suburbs, but was up in Wisconsin with his partner visiting a friend in Mineral Point for the weekend. And they just happened to stop by Taliesin at precisely the same time I did. Very strange! So much so that I didn't even recognize him at first, because he was so wildly out of context.

Anyway, if you like Frank Lloyd Wright and you have the opportunity and the means -- it's not cheap -- you should definitely go to Taliesin. Heck, give me a call and I'll go with you, especially if you decide you want to do the four-hour Estate Tour.
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