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Ten random things: September 10

Ten featured presenters at the 2010 Wisconsin Book Festival:

  1. Marilyn L. Taylor
  2. Susan Firer
  3. Harriet Brown
  4. Joshua Clover
  5. Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o
  6. Dean Young
  7. Bill Lueders
  8. Curt Meine
  9. Gail Straub
  10. Danielle Evans

Not a lot of big names appearing at the festival this year. I only saw a handful of names I recognized: Taylor, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate; Lueders, a local newspaperman; Susan Patron, who wrote the Newberry Award-winning The Higher Power of Lucky, which was briefly controversial for including some innocuous word having to do with human reproduction (can't remember which one off the top of my head; I'll look it up after I finish this paragraph); Barbara Slate, a cartoonist who did a fondly remembered (albeit mocked from time to time) limited series for DC Comics in the 1980s called Angel Love; and Patrick Rothfuss, who wrote a popular fantasy novel called The Name of the Wind.

The word was "scrotum."

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