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Ten random things: September 14

Ten of my elected representatives:

  1. Tom Stoebig, County Board Supervisor - District 17
  2. Tony Evers, State Superintendent of Public Instruction
  3. Dawn Sass, State Treasurer
  4. Paul Lundsten, Court of Appeals - District 4
  5. Julie Genovese, Dane County Circuit Court Judge, Branch 13
  6. Lawrence Palm, Alderperson - District 15
  7. Patience Roggensack, Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court
  8. Kathleen Falk, Dane County Executive
  9. David Mahoney, Dane County Sheriff
  10. Paul Higginbotham, Court of Appeals - District 4

It's primary election day here in Wisconsin, so after work I'll be heading over to the middle school to cast my first vote as a resident of Wisconsin. Whee! Still haven't received a voter registration card, but I verified online that I am registered so I anticipate no problems.

The page on which you check your registration status and polling place location also lists all the voting districts I live in and the current office holders. And there are a lot! Forty-three office holders from fourteen voting districts, from the statewide offices to the City of Madison's Ward 11. I'm not even sure what a ward is in City of Madison terms. In Chicago, the City Council comprises 50 aldermen elected from the city's 50 wards, but in Madison the wards are subunits of the Aldermanic districts. Maybe I'll ask someone about it when I go to vote.

The large number of elective offices and voting districts is something I noticed and found very interesting when I visited my Dad and Lois back in January. Back in Virginia, there were comparatively few elective offices: on the county level, there was the County Board, Commissioner of Revenue, Treasurer, Commonwealth's Attorney, Sheriff, Clerk of the Circuit Court, School Board, and Soil and Water Conservation District; statewide, there was Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, the House of Delegates, Virginia Senate; President of the US, US Senate, and US House of Representatives. (In some cases, you might also be able to vote for mayor or town council, but most people in Virginia live in unincorporated areas so I'm not counting them.) That's 18 positions compared to the 43 here. (And my dad's neighborhood in Illinois is represented by more than 50 elected officials!)

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