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Ten random things: September 15

Ten Lorax sequels:

  1. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Lorax
  2. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Lorax
  3. Ramona and Her Lorax
  4. The Lorax on the Floss
  5. Harriet the Lorax
  6. The Taking of Lorax 123
  7. Lorax the Obscure
  8. The Lorax and the Lorax
  9. The Lorax Who Would Be King
  10. Inherit the Lorax

So last Friday celticfeministw, for reasons that escape me, took to her Twitter account and started posting book titles with one word from each replaced with the word "Lorax," adding the hashtag #loraxsequels to each. The idea tickled me, so I jumped in with some of my own. Later caerwynx and sunbrae joined the fun. The ten listed above were among the ones I contributed; I particularly like no. 8, which would appear to violate the rules by replacing more than one word, but the book I had in mind was the recent Hugo winner The City and the City, so it's OK. But my favorite of all the one I did was my last one, and wasn't a book at all:

     so much depends / upon / a red / Lorax / glazed with rain / water / beside the white / chickens

Which isn't a book, of course, but I thought it was funny, and really, wasn't that the point of the whole exercise?

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