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Ten random things: Community week, day three

Ten current or former Greendale Community College faculty members or administrators:

  1. Ben Chang (Ken Jeong)
  2. Ian Duncan (John Oliver)
  3. Eustice Whitman (John Michael Higgins)
  4. Craig Pelton (Jim Rash)
  5. Brittany Baker (Charlotte Newhouse)
  6. Michelle Slater (Lauren Stamile)
  7. Lee Slaughter (Lee Majors)
  8. June Bauer (Betty White)
  9. Madame LeClair (Twink Caplan)
  10. Marion Holly (Tony Hale)

It kills me to not be able to cite a first name for Madame LeClair, but the Greendale Community College Admin & Faculty page is not nearly so comprehensive as the Campus Connect. And it's sort of arbitrary who's there. Why is the chemistry professor from 1.06 listed but not the marketing professor from 1.10? Why does it give a first name for Professor Slaughter from 1.19 but not Coach Bogner from 1.17? It's a mystery.

Season premiere tomorrow! NBC, 8/7 Central. Please tune in, won't you? I know Big Bang Theory and Bones are on at the same time, but I heard that Jim Parsons kicks puppies, and David Boreanaz, well, you never know when he might break out his Irish accent again, and who wants to be subjected to that?


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