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Ten random things: Community week, day four

Ten things to serve at your Community season premiere viewing party this evening:

  1. Falafel (first mentioned in "Pilot")
  2. Brownies ("Spanish 101")
  3. Chex Mix ("Introduction to Statistics")
  4. Whipped cream straight out of the can into your mouth ("Home Economics")
  5. Crab dip ("Politics of Human Sexuality")
  6. Winter doodles ("Comparative Religion")
  7. Ding-Dongs ("Basic Genealogy")
  8. Chicken fingers ("Contemporary American Poultry")
  9. Salt water and honey ("The Science of Illusion")
  10. Giant cookies, one per guest ("Pascal's Triangle Revisited")


Any Community fan will tell you that the most important things to serve at your season premiere party are chicken fingers and giant cookies, which play key roles in the episodes listed. Brownies and falafel are probably next most important, as those foodstuffs are key elements of Shirley's and Abed's characters respectively.

As for me, I will neither be hosting nor attending a season premiere party. I think I'll be able to watch the episode live over the Internet, but it will depend on how fast the Internet connection is at my church. (I have choir rehearsal at 7:30, so normally I would be en route during the time the premiere will be airing. But if I go early and take my laptop...) If that doesn't work out, I'll watch it via the west coast feed at 10:00 at the Starbucks on State Street. Or I may do both.

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