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Ten random things: Community week, day five

Ten things I liked about the season premiere of Community:

  1. The long pan across the bedrooms of each of the seven main characters that opened the episode ...
  2. And the song (The Fratellis - Baby Fratelli) that played over that scene
  3. Troy's reaction to learning Jeff and Britta had sex on the study room table
  4. Annie punching Jeff in the nose
  5. Jeff and Britta's kiss in the anthropology classroom
  6. The George Clooney impersonator Abed hired to be Jeff's best man
  7. Professor Bauer shooting Starburns with a blowgun
  8. Annie twisting her hair around her finger
  9. @oldwhitemansays
  10. The "Twittersode" that preceded it

I assume you all watched the season premiere of Community last night, but just in case I decided to throw this list behind a cut. For me, watching the episode was more difficult than I anticipated. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, if for no reason other than that I don't own a TV. Someone in the Community 101 LiveJournal community provided a link to a live stream of NBC that I thought I might be able to use. The problem there was that the show aired at 7 PM Central, and I had choir rehearsal at 7:30 PM, so watching it at home wasn't going to be possible. But I knew they had wireless Internet access at the church, so I thought that if I left early and took my laptop with me I could watch it there. But the Internet connection there sucked, so watching streaming video was right out. (It was barely fast enough to handle the Twitter event.)

So after rehearsal, I headed over to the Starbucks on State Street to watch the west coast NBC stream. Naturally, the west coast stream was on the fritz, so ultimately I ended up downloading it via BitTorrent. Which, for some reason, was ungodly slow. It took nearly two hours to download, which is ridiculous for a 175 MB file. (And it wasn't the connection; as a test, I downloaded something else and it came through lickety-split, 71 MB in about 13 minutes.) However, ultimately the download did finish and I watched it. Then I immediately watched it a second time, so it was probably just as well I ended up downloading it.

Speaking of the Twittersode (dumb name, but I don't have a better one), if you want to read it, follow that link up above and skip to page 18, find the Tweet from @AnnieEdisonGCC, and work backwards from there. It was pretty funny, especially the #SimulatedBritta Tweets.


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