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Ten random things: September 28

Ten people born on September 28:

  1. Heikki Savolainen, Finnish gymnast (1907)
  2. Iracema Trevisan, Brazilian musician (1981)
  3. Gualter Salles, Brazilian racing driver (1970)
  4. Alice Mahon, English politician and labor leader (1937)
  5. Giannis Skaribas, Greek writer and dramatist (1893)
  6. Stéphane Dion, Canadian politician (1955)
  7. Steve Hytner, American actor (1959)
  8. Ismaël Bullialdus, French astronomer (1605)
  9. Grant Fuhr, Canadian hockey player (1962)
  10. Frankie Jonas, American actor (2000)

Ah, Wikipedia, the lazy list-maker's best friend.

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