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Ten random things: October 7

Ten blog posts by Tom Scocca:

  1. The FBI Would Like to Reassure You That It Only Classifies Peaceful Groups as Terrorists by Accident
  2. Washington's Football Team Opposes Twitter, Blogging, and Reporting in General
  3. Gotcha! Fictional Persona Mock-Endorses Intentional Branding Gimmick During Parody Testimony at Real Hearing
  4. Harvard Pretends to Get Back Some of the Pretend Money It Pretend-Lost
  5. ABC News Literally Believes Events Do Not Happen Until They Are Reported
  6. AT&T vs. Verizon Wireless: Would You Rather Get One Big Ripoff or Lots of Tiny Ripoffs?
  7. Mike Barnicle, Fraud and Plagiarist, Helps Guide America Through Baseball's Era of Shame
  8. Charles Krauthammer: The Unforgivable Thing About Arrogant, Ugly, Corrupt, Unserious Liberals Is Their Contempt for People Who Disagree With Them
  9. When John McCain Comes Riding on His Flying Unicorn to Save America, David Broder Will Have a Bag of Carrots for the Unicorn
  10. Lying Propaganda-Ghoul Ari Fleischer Explains How Professional, Ethical Reporting Should Work

Scocca is one of my favorite news blogs. Which is no surprise; I've been a fan of his writing ever since I stumbled upon Funny Paper, the column he and Joe MacLeod wrote for the Baltimore City Paper earlier this century. One thing I always enjoy about his posts are his headlines, which are consistently interesting and amusing. The one about the unicorn is particularly cherce, I think.


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