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Ten random things: October 13

Ten Yahoo! News articles with the headlines rewritten to clarify Jonathan Franzen's role in the story:

  1. Chile rescue part halfway mark; Franzen not among those freed
  2. SEC: Franzen not tied to firm sued for fraud
  3. Franzen does not sign on to joint foreclosure probe
  4. Franzen absent from final gubernatorial debate
  5. Franzen faces no charges in Hungarian sludge spill
  6. Painting from New York home not by Franzen
  7. Franzen silent on need for further L.A. food truck regulation
  8. Franzen not selected season's top relief pitcher
  9. Franzen likely to be outlived by Hispanics
  10. No courtroom sketches of Franzen among those donated to Library of Congress

Among the stories that popped up in my Yahoo! News feed this afternoon: Franzen not among book award finalists. Interesting! Please, tell me more things that didn't happen to Jonathan Franzen! Which reminds me:

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