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"I think it is demonstrative of The Corner's general quality vis-a-vis thinking things through"

Some of you may have heard that Pat Sajak recently wrote a breathtakingly stupid column for National Review Online, in which he suggested that public employees be stripped of their right to vote if they might benefit from what's being voted on. You could read the actual column if you're so inclined, but it's only slightly more nuanced than how I just described it. Normally I wouldn't even bother mentioning something like this, but I needed to to provide context for the following, which was posted as a comment to the column by someone called AOLMUSCLEGRANDMA:

This is a great idea. Citizens should only be able to vote on things that don't affect them. We could set up independent "voting panels" and they can decide what things people can vote on. And then we can publish how individuals voted so if we figure out that if someone benefited from voting, we can retroactively take that vote away.

As my grandkids would say, "cool beans." This is the best idea that has ever appeared on The Corner and I think it is demonstrative of The Corner's general quality vis-a-vis thinking things through and having good ideas about cool things that are not at all stupid. You really "solved the puzzle."

This second sentence of the second paragraph is basically the greatest thing I've ever read and I really wish I had written it. H/t: Balloon Juice.

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