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Ten random things: October 20

Ten artists who contributed pin-ups to the 400th issue of Superman:
  1. Bill Sienkiewicz
  2. Jack Kirby
  3. Jack Davis
  4. Leonard Starr
  5. Will Eisner
  6. Walt Simonson
  7. Jerry Robinson
  8. Mike Grell
  9. John Byrne
  10. Brian Bolland

That first one is one of my favorite drawings of Superman ever. It's incredibly simple and stylized, but it has a dynamism to it that really appeals to me.

One minor historical note that may be of interest to some: that John Byrne pinup was considered a pretty big deal at the time (1984) because up to that point Byrne had been exclusive to Marvel. Two years later, Byrne made headlines by leaving Marvel to revamp the Superman titles for the post-Crisis era, but this was his first time drawing the character for publication.

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