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Ten random things: October 21

Ten members of the Madison, Wisconsin, Common Council:

  1. Shiva Bidar-Sielaff (District 5)
  2. Steve King (District 7)
  3. Julia S. Kerr (District 13)
  4. Joseph R. Clausius (District 17)
  5. Michael E. Verveer (District 4)
  6. Tim Bruer (District 14)
  7. Michael Schumacher (District 18)
  8. Brian L. Solomon (District 10)
  9. Jed Sanborn (District 1)
  10. Chris Schmidt (District 11)

Members of of the Madison Common Council are technically called alderpersons--the gender-neutral title is dictated by State law, interestingly--but in common usage they're just called alders, which is in my experience unique to Madison.

Also interesting, sort of: Alder Sanborn is a former golf pro.

Tags: interesting by my low standards, politics, wisconsin, wisconsin: madison

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