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Fic: Emergency Contact

Title: Emergency Contact
Fandom/Pairing: Community; Jeff/Annie
Spoilers: Through 2.02
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,700
Disclaimer: Community and the related characters are © 2010 Sony Pictures Television Inc. and Universal Media Studios

This a comment fic I wrote based on the prompt "What if Annie's emergency contact was Jeff? (or vice verse) And he (she) didn't know about it until something bad or bizarre happened? (Especially if it was on paperwork filled out in S1 or pre-Anthropology...)" by lapacifidora in the October 22 milady_milord Ficcy Friday post. Due to the 4,300-character limit on comments, it was posted in three consecutive comments; the link below takes you to the first part. I've disabled comments on this post, so if you feel inclined to comment on the story, please do so over there, following part 3. Thanks!

Interesting side note about this fic: I had what I thought was a cute, funny idea for this story and incorporated it into the first draft, but what seemed cute and funny in the abstract turned out to be creepy and weird on the page. So I excised that part, did a little light rewriting to work around what I had cut, and bob's your uncle. The moral is that sometimes you just can't tell how bad an idea is until you write it down.

Emergency Contact
Tags: fanfiction, tv: community

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