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Ten random things: November 12

Ten locations in the United States served up by MapCrunch and how far I am from them right now:

  1. 5518 Bonnetsville Road, Clinton, N.C. (1,076.52 miles)
  2. Intersection of N. Riverton Road and W. Nickerson Boulevard, Nickerson, Kan. (722.29 miles)
  3. 533 Swan Valley Highway, Rigby, Idaho (1,418 miles)
  4. 39607 Morse Cemetery Road, Ponchatoula, La. (998 miles)
  5. 12001 Spring Brook Drive, Eagle River, Alaska (3,429.21 miles)
  6. 197 S. Forest Avenue, Kissimmee, Fla. (1,319.45 miles)
  7. 1485 W. Eichel Avenue, Evansville, Ind. (485.1 miles)
  8. 13714 Raywood Drive, Los Angeles, Calif. (2,008.54 miles)
  9. 447 East Passaic Avenue, Bloomfield, New Jersey (927.44 miles)
  10. Intersection of Christy Avenue and Gunston Street, Detroit, Mich. (432.4 miles)

I can't remember where I saw the link, but MapCrunch is a silly but fun little website that random shows you a street view from Google Maps. The distances are mostly from Yahoo! Maps, but a couple (the ones without decimal points) came from Google Maps because Yahoo! didn't recognize the address.

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