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Ten random things: November 26

Ten things I ate at Thanksgiving dinners yesterday:

  1. Mashed potatoes
  2. Mixed fruit salad
  3. Wild rice dressing
  4. Sage dressing
  5. Pumpkin pie
  6. Green beans with slivered almonds
  7. Salmon
  8. Potato salad
  9. Brussels sprout salad
  10. Turkey

That's right, dinners. My sister's family and I started the day by driving down to visit my grandmother at her retirement community, where we ate with her at their Thanksgiving buffet. Which, whatever you may be thinking about the kind of meal you might expect to be served from an institutional kitchen, was very good, by the way; the salmon was excellent, and my sister said the turkey was better there than at our second dinner, which was hosted by my step-brother and his family and attended by 22 people, all of whom I'd met at some point but few of whom I remembered very well. I made things easier for myself by making up names for the most of the seven kids in attendance based on what they were wearing, which greatly amused them. For example, my step-brother's kids, for example, were Mac (because he was wearing a shirt from Mackinac Island) and 28 (because his shirt has the number 28 on it). The other kids were Dr. Who (because she was wearing a scarf), Hester (a Devin Hester jersey), and Steve (because she wasn't wearing anything that lent itself to a silly name, and Steve was the first name that came to mind).

I further amused the kids by inventing a game I call Darth Vader Throwing the Emperor into the Chasm. I was in the basement with the kids, and at one point one of them put on a Darth Vader helmet, and someone said we had to kill him, and I said that what we really needed to do was encourage him to turn good, like when he picked up the emperor and threw him into "that big hole."

"The chasm," Mac said, pronouncing the H.

"Right, the chasm," I said, pronouncing it the same way. "Actually, the H is silent. Chasm." I was standing behind the sofa at the time, and 28 was standing next to me, so I picked him up, said, "into the chasm with you!" and dropped him onto the sofa. Which everyone thought was the greatest thing ever, so I had to drop all the other kids into the chasm too, a couple of times each. Then they decided they needed to throw me into the chasm, which with some cooperate effort on their part and a lack of resistance on mine they managed to do, sort of, at which point they covered me with pillows and blankets and sat on me, which frankly is a part of Return of the Jedi I had forgotten about, while I reached up and tried to tickle whoever was closest to me at the time. Fun! Eventually one of the other adults came down and distracted them with something else, at which point I escaped upstairs and watched football.

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