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Three for one!

I'm stealing a page from rustydog's book hear and combining three short entries into one longer one. If you're going to steal, why not steal from the best?

Time well spent

I've theorized before that I have a certain amount of creative energy, and that when I get involved expressing that energy in one direction, my creative output in other directions drops dramatically. Last week I spent a lot of time working on a tribute site for ace_and_sepAce and Sep, the moderators of the Television Without Pity Buffy forum. Working on the site absorbed most of my time Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; I didn't put the finishing touches on it until very shortly before midnight on Friday, about ten minutes before the banner ad (which I also designed) directing people to the site went live on TWoP. Yeeks! But the response to the ad and the site has been very positive, which is gratifying considering the amount of time I put into it.

Harder than I thought

So how hard was my ultra-hard space quiz? So hard that I myself failed to get all the answers correct. My sister-in-law Charity pointed out this weekend that I had left Harrison Schmitt off my list of people who had both been in outer space and elected to Congress. Schmitt was the lunar module pilot on Apollo 17, and was elected to the United States Senate representing New Mexico in 1976. He was defeated for re-election by current Senator Jeff Bingaman in 1982.So she wins a prize for making me feel foolish.

Better than my own

If Melrose Place is my most shameful TV addiction, then Beverly Hills 90210 was my gateway drug. So I thoroughly enjoyed the Beverly Hills 90210 reunion special on Fox tonight. I was a little disappointed Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Greene didn't participate, and that Gabrielle Carteris didn't take a more active part (Andrea was always my favorite character), but it was fun nonetheless. The old clips were priceless; I remembers the stupid hair, but I'd forgotten how bad many of the fashions were.

I miss the Zip. It really got pretty crappy toward the end of its run, but I really enjoyed it during the high school years and even into the college years. I won't pretend it was a great television show, or even a particularly good one, but it was pretty darn enjoyable in its own cheesy way. Maybe I'll record a few of the old episodes off FX for old time's sake. The episodes they're currently airing are from 1995. Tiffani-Amber Thiessen had replaced Shannen Doherty, Brandon was dating Anya Susan, and Dylan was wooing the future Mrs. McKay. Good times, good times.

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