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Fic: Rescue Me

Fandom/Pairing: Community; Jeff/Annie
Spoilers: Through 2.09
Rating: G
Word Count: 400
Disclaimer: Community and the related characters are © 2010 Sony Pictures Television Inc. and Universal Media Studios
Notes: Because under_crisis demanded it, my (very) modest contribution to the blanket fic genre.

When the walls of Fluffy Town came tumbling down, Jeff and Annie sat looking at each other in silence for several long moments. All around them, they could hear people struggling to crawl free of the tangled mess of sheets and blankets, but they made no move to extricate themselves. Finally, Annie broke the silence. "Well?"

"Well, what?"

"Aren't you going to rescue me?" she asked teasingly.

"There's a blanket on your head," Jeff said. "I hardly think that calls for a 'rescue'."

"Maybe. But you didn't need to shield my body with yours when my diorama short-circuited."

"You didn't hear what--"

"Or take the blame for telling the Dean about the butt flag."

"The rest of the group--"

"Or kick in Señor Chang's door when he was playing the keytar for me."

"Yeah, but you know how Chang--"

"Or step in when Simmons was making fun of me last year. In fact," she continued, not waiting for him to respond, "you kind of have a habit of coming to my rescue." With a smile that was somehow both sly and shy simultaneously, she added, "a girl could get ideas."

"I would have done any of those things for anyone in the group," Jeff protested. "I stopped that bully from picking on Abed. I picked up Pierce after he got in trouble for stealing the Dean's car. And I--"

He broke off as Annie reached over and laid her hand atop his. "I know. You're a good man, Jeff Winger."

"No. Not really." His dropped his gaze for the first time since the blanket fort had collapsed, unable to bring himself to look her in the eye. "A good man wouldn't have ignored you all summer. Face it, I'm only a nice guy when I'm around you guys." He looked at Annie's hand, still resting on his. "Around you."

"Maybe you should spend more time with me, then."

Jeff raised his head, and once again he and Annie sat staring at one another without speaking. Without warning, he stood, taking the blanket that had been resting atop them with him. Casting it aside, he reached a hand down to Annie and helped her to her feet. Without taking his eyes off hers, he smiled the small, tender smile he only ever shared with her and repositioned his hand so their fingers were interlaced. "Maybe I should."
Tags: fanfiction, manful recreation fail, tv: community

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