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Speaking of Hanukkah

This year, I neglected to do two things I have done in years past when making a Hanukkah-themed post: 1 didn't explain what Hanukkah was, and I didn't provide links to my previous Hanukkah posts. This fabulous video by Dave Campbell of the sorely missed blogs Dave's Long Box and the Society for the Advancement of Dave will tell you everything you need to know:

As for the other one, here are my previous Hanukkah posts:

2004: Hanukkah Menorah
2005: Happy Chanukah!
2006: Rock of Ages
2007: Hanukkah Menorah
2008: Happy Hanukkah
2009: Festival of Lights and Hanukkah

You may ask, why did you spell it differently in 2004? Well, for the same reason I spelled it differently this year: because that's how it was spelled by the person who created the media I was featuring that year. A better question: why didn't I do a Hanukkah post in 2003, the first year I did an Advent project? I haven't any idea.

And speaking of alternate spellings, consider this Tweet I made when I posted a link to today's Advent Art post:

     Advent Art: Silver Hanukah lamp.
     Personally, I use two Ns, so: Happy
     Hanukkah, everyone!

Yeah. Apparently I'm like that University of Nebraska football player who thought the N on his helmet stood for "knowledge."
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