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Life's a beach

The parking lot where I catch my bus to work each morning looks like a freaking beach.

Icy roads are pretty common in the winter here in Virginia, but rather than spreading salt to melt the ice, they spread sand to make the ice less slippery. I've always thought that was a bad idea, not simply because sand doesn't work as well as salt, but because when the ice melts, you're left with vast expanses of sand all over the place.

The Park and Ride lot I use is a prime example. I've seen beaches with less sand. It's ugly, and bad for the cars. Granted, salt is bad for the cars too, but at least with salt, once the ice melts, it's gone. It's been almost three full months since the last winter storm, and there's just as much sand in the parking lot now as there was in February. I can't decide what's more irritating: that they threw down the sand in the first place, or that the county still hasn't dispatched a street sweeper to clean up the mess.

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