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Browser history meme

Here's a fun meme I snagged from htbthomas. Put each letter into your browser, see what pops up first for each letter. Not allowed to take out anything embarrassing or naughty but you are allowed to take out super private things that would name and shame someone else and replace with the next thing.

I didn't do this exactly as directed. For one thing, the way Firefox searches the history when you type a letter into the address bar is a little hinky--the first domain it showed me for the letter A was in such cases I took the first site listed that actually started with the letter in question. For the letter I, there was no domains that started with that letters, so I chose the first website title that started with that letter.

C: (which I actually visit via its original URL, but whatever)
F: (specifically, the Buffy forum)
H: (which was in my browser history because I wanted to copy the instructions to this meme!)
I: In Through the Out Door (
M: (specifically, Kevin Drum's news/politics blog)
Q: (the only real surprise on the list; I thought Q would be
S: (specifically, their online comic strips)
T: (specifically, Jonathan Chait's news/politics blog
X: None. Not even one with an X in the domain name.
Z: None, but there was (not that I'm admitting anything)

So basically I visit nothing but lefty news/politics blogs, comic book/comic strip blogs, and my own LiveJournal.

Just for fun, I also did this with the Google search tool integrated into Firefox:

A: astaire and rogers
B: bela fleck
C: chad mitchell trio hang on the bell
D: Dexter Morgan (researching my Community/Dexter crossover fic)
E: east high school madison (no idea why I was looking for this)
F: fool's garden lemon tree
G: Green Lantern (2011)
H: Home Alone
I: In Love But Not At Peace (a Dar Williams song; no idea why I was looking for it)
J: jill clayburgh
K: Kevin Corrigan
L: Lizzie McGuire (I was looking up a reference in a fic I was beta-ing)
M: michael c. hall (the Dexter fic again)
N: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
O: Onalaska, Wisconsin (Twitter's locater decided I was here one night; I wasn't)
P: pavel
Q: qualifications to be president
R: ryan murphy
S: stars take me to the riot
T: The Bravery
U: Undeclared
V: vampire weekend
W: Wicked (musical)
X: None. Top suggestion is xkcd, which would have been in the first list if I didn't read it via RSS
Y: yahoo ssl (other than for logging in, they don't use it on their sites)
Z: zaaza sterling (researching my 40s AU fic)</a>
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