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Deathly Hallows thoughts

So, how about that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1? On the whole, I liked it.

  • As was also the case with Order of the Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince, I really liked the parts that were set in contemporary London. (The scene of the thestrals flying above the Thames in OotP may be my most favorite visuals of any of the seven movies to date.) I love the juxtaposition of the everyday with the extraordinary. Maybe that's why I like Doctor Who so much
  • The animated sequence telling the tale of the three brothers was really nicely done. Very moody and atmospheric, and completely unexpected.
  • Speaking of animation, the CGI on Dobby and Kreacher were really good. A huge improvement over what they did with Dobby in Chamber of Secrets. I was sorry we didn't get to see Dobby's gravestone, though.

And then there was the scene with Harry and Hermione dancing. It was ... not uncute, and Dan Radcliffe and Emma Watson did as good a job with it as probably could have been done, but man. Save that sort of thing for your H/H fanfics, Steve Kloves. And speaking of which, I rather imagine the bit where the horcrux is showing Ron an image of Harry and Hermione making out while naked was a great deal of fun for him to write. I sort of see it running several pages in the script.

(In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that after the movie was over and I was waiting for the bus, my own mind turned to fanfic. I've read a lot of HP fic, but never written any. (This one doesn't count.) But now that I've gotten my fic-writing feet wet, I sort of want to try my hand at one. The world can always use more Harry/Susan fics, after all.)

Let's see, what else. Sophie Thompson, the woman playing Mafalda Hopkirk (the woman whom Hermione impersonated when they infiltrated the Ministry) seemed really familiar to me, but having looked her up I can't say for sure why I would have recognized her. Certainly I've seen her in several things (Four Weddings and a Funeral, Gosford Park, and an episode of Jonathan Creek) but nothing all that recently. Maybe it's just her resemblance to her older sister, Emma.

That whole Ministry segment, incidentally, was really well done. I'd forgotten that it happened so early in the story, so it was kind of a nice surprise to get a big action sequence in part 1. I really liked post-Voldemort redesign of the Ministry. The Brits, they do love their fascistic dystopias, don't they? The fascistic set dressing they came up with. Of course, in this case it makes sense; what kind of ruler would Voldemort be if not a fascist dictator? I also liked the chase through the atrium, with that one guy just implacably stalking them and wordless shooting fireballs at them. Who was that guy, anyway? Yaxley, I guess. That's who it was in the novel at least. I think I should go back and reread the novel, actually. Maybe all seven of them. It's been a while.

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