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Advent Art: Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen)

Paul Gauguin (1848–1903)
Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen), 1902-03
Oil on canvas
Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen
Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis

Only five more days to go in this year's Advent project! By which I mean last year's Advent project. This year's Advent project will start on November 27 and will feature ... something! Actually, I already know what I'm going to be doing, which makes for a pleasant change of pace from this year (last year), which I didn't even know for sure I'd be doing at all until the day I started it.

It never fails to amuse me that when painting a Nativity scene, artists tend to make the landscape look like wherever it is they happen to be when painting it. This is pretty clearly a painting of a French village in Brittany, where Gauguin did so much of his work.

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