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Advent art map and statistics

This is kind of neat; I used the map feature of Flickr to plot the locations of the works of art I featured during my Advent art project (minus the two works I don't know the location of, of course). If you care to see the geographical distribution of the works I showed during the last 40 day, click here. As you can see, I didn't venture particularly far afield; aside from one work from Jamaica, one from Australia, and one from Asia Minor, every one of them can be found in the US or western Europe. I did look for works in South America and Africa, but the museums found there don't have much of an online presence.

And here's the breakdown by medium:

Paintings: 19
Prints: 5
Photographs: 4
Ink drawings: 4
Sculpture: 3
Mosaic: 1
Glass: 1
Metal: 1
Book: 1
Ceramics: 1

Not a bad balance between paintings and everything else.
Tags: advent: 2010

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