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Ten random things: January 10

Ten local businesses that follow me on Twitter:

  1. Tano's Pizza, Cross Plains
  2. Capitol Centre Market, Madison
  3. Creative Cleaners LLC, Madison
  4. Rookies Food & Spirits, Black Earth
  5. Jade Monkey Cocktail Lounge, Madison
  6. Horstman Computers, Sun Prairie
  7. Wisconsin State Journal, Madison
  8. R. P. Adlers, Madison
  9. The Nude Maids, Stoughton
  10. Apple Wellness, Fitchburg

If the goal in following me was to convince me to follow them, I can report near total failure. The reason it's only near total is that I can't remember if I started following the WSJ before or after they followed me. Before, I think, but it's possible they followed me first. Not coincidentally, theirs is the only account that Tweets anything that is of any use or interest to me.

If the goal was to get my patronage, it's also been a failure. I'm sure all these businesses are good and worthy of my support, but a computer shop in Sun Prairie or a sports bar in Black Earth or a pizza place in Cross Plains is not of much use to someone with no car, nor a cocktail lounge to someone who doesn't drink, nor cleaning services, nude or otherwise, to someone who rents a single room.

Tags: lists of ten things, wisconsin, wisconsin: madison

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