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Ten random things: January 17

Ten Members of Congress from former Confederate states who co-sponsored the bill making the birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. a legal public holiday:

  1. John W. Bryant (TX-5)
  2. William H. Boner (TN-5)
  3. Ronald D. Coleman (TX-16)
  4. Lawrence Smith (FL-16)
  5. James McC. Clarke (NC-11)
  6. Robert M. (Robin) Tallon (SC-6)
  7. Claude Pepper (FL-18)
  8. Corinne C. (Lindy) Boggs (LA-2)
  9. Solomon P. Ortiz (TX-27)
  10. Albert Gore, Jr. (TN-6)

Of the 98 co-sponsors of the King's Birthday bill, 16 were from former Confederate states. The other six were Harold E. Ford (TN-9), W. J. (Billy) Tauzin (LA-3), Mickey Leland (TX-18), Walter B. Jones (NC-1), Martin Frost (TX-24), and Gillis W. Long (LA-8). Other Members of Congress from the old South took a different stance.

Speaking of Dr. King, I found out today that on October 16, 1962, he gave a speech at my alma mater, Cornell College. You can read the Cedar Rapids Gazette article about the speech here. (There's a second article about a speech he gave the following day at a school in Cedar Rapids that shall not be named.

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