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Ten random things: January 20

Ten types of cheese:

  1. Savoyard
  2. Parmesan
  3. Red Leicester
  4. Roquefort
  5. Bresse-Bleu
  6. Dorset Blue Vinney
  7. Saint-Paulin
  8. Greek Feta
  9. Port Salut
  10. Venezuelan Beaver cheese

Today is National Cheese Day! Or so I'm told. Which makes it the perfect occasion to embed this here video:

I actually somewhat prefer the version on the album Matching Tie & Handkerchief, but the original is still pretty darn funny. Today is also Penguin Awareness Day, which of course requires me to post this one as well:

If that fails to make you sufficiently aware of penguins, I recommend you take a look at this post by Dave Lartigue, which I think should do the trick.

ETA: petzipellepingo has brought it to my attention that today is also National Coffee Break Day.

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