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I don't feel like doing a list tonight. But earlier I did make a list of sorts; htbthomas asked me to fill in for myr_soleil on this week's Review Roundup over at community_tvCommunity 101. This was my third fourth time doing the roundup, and while it felt like it went q little quicker this time, I think that's because I did it in little stages: a little bit last night before bed, a bit more at lunch today, and the remainder after work. When you add it all up it probably took about as long as it always does, but doing it in stages made it seem faster.

Funny story about the review roundups: the first time I did one was an accident. Myr_soleil couldn't do it, and htbthomas solicited volunteers on Twitter. thetidebreaks, under_crisis, and I all volunteered. When u_c backed out, I said, "I'm on top of it," and proceeded to write and post the roundup. Then I went back on Twitter and saw a Tweet from htbthomas officially assigning it to thetidebreaks. Oops! Luckily, she hadn't started working on it, so no harm done.
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