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Ten random things: February 11

Ten University of Wisconsin libraries:

  1. Torgerson Cooperative Library
  2. Plant Pathology Library
  3. Arboretum Research Library
  4. Wisconsin Center for Film and Theatre Research
  5. Physics Library
  6. Journalism Reading Room
  7. Cooperative Children's Book Center
  8. Arthur H. Robinson Map Library
  9. Media, Educational Resources & Information Technology (MERIT) Library
  10. Memorial Library

One of my offices is right around the corner from Memorial Library, the main library of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Another nice perk of working for the university is that I have full access to the UW-Madison libraries, not just Memorial but all of them. Which is great, because I had already gotten to all the area public libraries that are accessible by public transportation. Now I have fifty more libraries to visit! Well, forty-nine; I stopped at Memorial this afternoon after work. It won't necessarily be that easy; some of the libraries have very restricted hours--the American Indian Studies Library, for example, is only open from 10 AM to 2 PM on weekdays--but that's what lunch breaks and furlough days are for.

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