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Ten random things: February 15

Ten people for whom you could have voted if you were registered to vote at the polling place at which I worked today:

  1. Paul R. Soglin (City of Madison Mayor)
  2. Nick Hart (City of Madison Mayor)
  3. John Blotz (City of Madison Mayor)
  4. Dave Cieslewicz (City of Madison Mayor)
  5. Joanne F. Kloppenburg (Justice of the Supreme Court)
  6. Scott McDonell (Dane County Executive)
  7. Zach Brandon (Dane County Executive)
  8. Joe Wineke (Dane County Executive)
  9. Dennis Amadeus de Nure (City of Madison Mayor)
  10. Marla Stephens (Justice of the Supreme Court)

The turnout at my polling place was exceedingly poor today; in the 13 hours we were open, we saw just 90 voters. That's a whopping 2% of registered voters. The overall turnout across the city was 22%.

Tags: lists of ten things, politics, wisconsin: madison

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