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Ten random things: February 18

Ten apocryphal gospels:

  1. Acts of Pilate
  2. Gospel of Mary
  3. Gospel of Judas
  4. Gospel According to Thomas
  5. Gospel of Basilides
  6. Secret Gospel of Mark
  7. Greek Gospel of the Egyptians
  8. Syriac Infancy Gospel
  9. History of Joseph the Carpenter
  10. Resurrection of Jesus Christ (by Bartholomew)

I'm in the midst of one of my periodic re-readings of one of my favorite novels Gospel by Wilton Barnhardt. The novel is about a pair of academics, a retired professor of theology and a grad student, traveling around the world in search of a lost gospel written by one of the Twelve Apostles. Interspersed among the chapters about the academics is the text of the gospel itself. Many of the apocryphal gospels listed above are mentioned in the novel, either in the footnotes to the gospel (I love novels with footnotes) or spoken about by the retired professor.

Tags: lists of ten things, reading: books, religion

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