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Ten random things: February 21

Ten items on the Steak 'n Shake menu:

  1. Wisconsin Buttery Steakburger
  2. Hershey's Special Dark Milk Shake
  3. Chili 5-Way
  4. Frisco Melt
  5. Buffalo Steakburger Shooter
  6. Steak Frank
  7. Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  8. Fried Chicken Salad
  9. Baked Beans
  10. Fruit n' Yogurt Parfait

This past Saturday, my sister and I went down to Illinois to visit our grandmother, and as we often do when visiting her, we had lunch at the local Steak 'n Shake. My mom was a huge fan of the chain; as a teen in central Illinois in the 40s and 50s, Steak 'n Shake was the place where she and her friends hung out. (Another central Illinois native who did the same: Roger Ebert.) There were no Steak n' Shake restaurants in the Chicago suburbs when we were kids--they made a brief, largely unsuccessful stab at penetrating the Chicago market in the 70s--so going to a Steak 'n Shake was a rare treat. And that's still kind of true, because for some reason they've yet to open a restaurant in Wisconsin.

In sight it must be right

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